Clever Gamification

Clever gamification guarantees an average of 3 – 5 minutes of quality engagement in our immersive video and image-based quizzes. Prizes. Fast Scoring. Leaderboards. Bonus points for Social Sharing.


Real Time Interaction

QuizWizards quizzes achieve 95% quiz completion rates with over 60% registering to have a chance of winning, 40% clicking on the post-quiz call to action and over 30% sharing their results socially.


Intelligent Insights

Capture valuable GDPR compliant zero-party data and insights including players name, email, age, gender, location, IP address, device stats, question and answer insights, advert and social sharing clicks.

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User Engagement Delivered Across Multiple Platforms

QuizWizards quizzes are fully customizable and can be delivered to audiences in multiple ways across digital, social and paid advertising including deployment as a rich media unit within a programmatic ad.

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