Giving you Real-Time Access & Control

Organizations and their sponsors / partners will have real-time access to individual user data through our secure client dashboard, with the option for this data to be fed directly into your own CRM systems giving even greater control.

Using Gamification to easily create invaluable customer profiles

Targeted marketing and advertising campaigns will be more effective and efficient using the valuable, individual data that is willingly given up. Your quizzes can be fun, whilst also allowing sentiment analysis and brand research potential for your brand and any partners

Real-Time Acess & Control Dashboard



Getting to know your customer

Re-Targeting Marketing Strategy

Intelligent Customer Profiling

Trend Prediction

Sentiment Analysis


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We worked with The Phoenix Suns in 2023 where they deployed our activations in-arena and across their social media to their arena and global fan base
We worked with the Arizona Super Bowl LVII Committee ahead of the Super Bowl, pushing out multiple quizzes to entertain fans and helping to promote Arizona
Worked with our client; Avery Dennison on multiple campaigns, including LaLiga activations, Premier League’s global Hall of Fame campaign, and NBC's Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in Los Angeles.
Proud to have worked with Avery Dennison, who presented the trivia element for the Premier League’s global Hall of Fame campaign in April / May 2021, with 1,000’s of fans around the world taking part
In a unique fan engagement event, Cazoo gave away a £10,000 car in the 2 hours leading up to the Everton – Aston Villa game on May 13th 2021, with 1,000’s of fans taking part and hugely valuable zero party data captured
Worked with Indiana Sports Corp at the Sep 2023 #IndyUltimate event in Indianapolis, where they used a series of quizzes at key stop points during the race to promote the city, engage the participants, and gather key data.
We helped the Fiesta Bowl drive engagement to die-hard College Football fans across the US, in the run up to the annual game in Phoenix, generating high levels of engagement and valuable zero party player data.
115,000 participants have taken part in the nationwide Credit Union Schools Quiz over the last 3 years, driving massive traffic to their website, and encouraging parents to re-engage with their local Credit Union.
Sports Pro used us to engage their conference audience at Sports Pro NYC and Sports Pro Live London in 2024, through QR codes on their digital displays, gathering real time feedback from conference attendees.
In a unique fan engagement event, Aston Villa’s main partner and shirt sponsor; Cazoo, gave away a £10,000 car in the 2 hours leading up to the Everton – Aston Villa game on May 13th 2021, with 1,000’s of fans taking part
Daily Mail Australia
Partnered with SportsTechHQ and Indiana Sports Corp on the IndyClassic College Basketball games in the Indiana Pacer's NBA arena, and on NBC Peacock's live broadcast of the games.

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