Unlimited, fully customizable, co-branded quizzes built in minutes


We offer full support and training, an optional managed quiz set-up service, best practice advice, and our tech team can develop custom-made functionality and design if required.  


Set up your quiz

Every aspect of your quiz is customizable with lots of options to suit your needs. With a Live Preview screen as you build your quiz, it couldn’t be easier! Choose your quiz timing, prizes, custom consent text, choose if you wish to have player sign-up, social sharing or geofencing turned on, plus many more customization options. Your quiz set-up is autosaved at every step so you will never lose any work, plus can be published at any stage to see how it looks


Customize with Your Branding & Style

You choose your own color scheme to match your brand guidelines. Include your logo, masthead, desktop wallpaper, interstitial, call-to-action, banner ad and social sharing imagery. Have a video advert play during the quiz and customize the countdown screen and registration screens.


Create your questions

Simple multiple-choice questions that include imagery or video clips, make for a memorable fan experience. Randomize the question order, or even create a database of random questions. Include a Product Research or Sentiment Analysis question for you or any sponsoring brand to capture valuable insights that can help shape future marketing or information strategies


Multiple deployment options

Your quizzes can be deployed in a multitude of ways, with your quiz url / simple embed code automatically generated once your draft quiz has been set-up

Digitally: Several embed styles for your website, across your social media, newsletters, QR codes and banner ads

Programmatically: Through a static or interactive Rich media ad unit. We are the only trivia solution that can be deployed as a Rich Media interactive ad-unit, with the quiz playable within a 300 x 600 ad unit, with no redirect. Full ad tracking, data capture and 3-5 minutes dwell time – Powerful advertising for you or your advertisers.

Traditional Display: In stadium, in-store, on the subway or wherever you want your audience to see your quiz! Touch-screen devices in a cinema foyer, sports bar or shopping mall

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