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QuizWizards is an immersive audience engagement solution that harnesses clever gamification to deliver industry-leading engagement, powerful player insights and GDPR-compliant data, driving revenues for your organization and brand partners.

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Engaging range of in-game opportunities for your brand

You decide where and how to deploy these assets (we can help) and the beauty of it all is that your sponsors can test branding strategies across quizzes, analyze the resulting data for deeper insights and act quickly on this knowledge.

Giving you Real-Time Access & Control

Organizations and their sponsors / partners will have real-time access to individual user data through our secure client dashboard, with the option for this data to be fed directly into your own CRM systems giving even greater control.

Unlimited, fully customizable, co-branded quizzes built in minutes

We offer full support and training, an optional managed quiz set-up service, best practice advice, and our tech team can develop custom-made functionality and design if required.

Step 1

Set up your quiz

Step 2

Customize with Your Branding & Style

Step 3

Create your questions

Step 4

Multiple deployment options

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